SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder: Charting The Course For Monetary Success

Overview Of The Smart Wealth Builder At SBI Life:

SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder Shines As A Ray Of Financial Stability And Prosperity In A Time When Accumulating Wealth And Ensuring Financial Security Are Top Priorities. This Thorough Guide Seeks To Clarify The Nuances Of SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder By Providing A Step-By-Step Examination Of Its Attributes, Advantages, Investment Choices, And The Route It Takes To Reach Long-Term Financial Objectives.

Recognizing The Smart Wealth Builder Of SBI Life:

SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder is a popular unit-linked insurance plan which aims to provide for every requirement of the policyholder through wealth maximization. The policyholder receives two benefits from SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder: insurance and investment. The policyholder decides which funds to invest in, and returns are determined by the current state of the market. This product is specifically made to help you achieve your life goals, such as caring for your elder years or ensuring that your children receive higher education and get married.

Read on to know more about SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder’s eligibility criteria, features & benefits, exclusions, premium calculation, and more.

Eligibility Criteria:

Here is the eligibility criteria for SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder.

Parameters  Plan Type  Policy Term (Years) Premium Payment Term (Years)
Regular Premium Limited Premium

Payment Term (LPPT)

Single Premium
Age Minimum Age- 2 Years

Maximum Age- 55 Years

Age at Maturity Minimum- 18 years

Maximum- 70 Years

Premium Payment

Term (PPT) and

Corresponding Policy

Term (PT)

Regular Premium 12 to 30 (both inclusive) Same as policy term
Limited Premium

Payment Term (LPPT)

12 to 14 (both inclusive

15 to 19 (both inclusive)

20 to 30 (both inclusive)




Single Premium 5 to 30 years One time payment at

policy inception

Premium Frequency Single/Annual
Basic Sum Assured Regular Premium & Limited

Premium Payment Term

10 X Annualized Premium
Single Premium 1.25 X Single Premium

Key Features & Benefits of SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder:

Here is the list of the key features and benefits of SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder.

  1. Policy Termination or Surrender Benefit: After five years have passed, the policyholder may cancel it. When a policy is relinquished earlier than the required five years, the fund value less the discontinuation fee is credited to the Discontinued Policy Fund, where it earns a minimum of 4% each year. growth. The fund value in the Discontinued Policy fund as of that date will be paid to the policyholder when five years have passed.
  1. Free Look Period: SBI life insurance offers the option to cancel the policy within 15 days of receiving the policy documents, as long as there hasn’t been a claim, if you’re unhappy with the coverage, terms, or conditions of the policy.
  1. Maturity Benefit: At the end of the policy term, the policyholder will get the total fund value.
  1. Policy Surrender: The Fund Value will be moved to the Discontinued Policy Fund once the discontinuance fee has been subtracted if the policy is surrendered at any point prior to the end of the five-year policy term. A minimum guaranteed interest rate of 4% per year will be earned by the fund. The Discontinued Policy Fund’s fund management fee will be subtracted. Life Cover cannot be paid. On the first working day of the sixth policy year, the Fund Value will be paid. Upon receipt of Fund Value, the Policy will expire. After the fifth policy year, if the policy is surrendered, the Fund Value will be paid out right away.
  1. Death Benefit – A minimum of 105% of all basic premiums paid up to the date of death notification, or the higher of the fund value or Sum Assured, is payable in the event of the policyholder’s death.
  1. Switching Option: The 11 funds that are now offered can be switched between to accommodate shifting investment requirements. The bare minimum for a move is Rs. 5,000. A policy year allows for two cost-free switches. For every switch that costs more than a free switch during the same policy year, there will be a fee of Rs. 100. Free switches that are not used cannot be carried over.
  1. Tax Benefit: According to the relevant income tax regulations in India, which are subject to change from time to time, you could qualify for income tax benefits or exemptions.
  1. Revival: After the first delinquent premium date, the firm will grant you a three-year revival window during which you can reinstate your policy by making all required premium payments. The necessary terms and conditions and underwriting approval must be met for revival. You would be informed of the underwriting decision, after which just your cover would resume. Only the Regular and Limited Premium Payment modes are eligible for Revival.

The Goal Of SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder Is To Offer Both Wealth Growth And Insurance Coverage Through A Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). In Addition To Providing Them And Their Loved Ones With Financial Security, It Gives Policyholders The Chance To Invest In A Variety Of Funds. Offering Tax Advantages, Long-Term Wealth Building Potential, And Various Investment Options, SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder Is A Comprehensive Solution For People Looking To Ensure Their Financial Future.

SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder’s Salient Features:

The Mutual Benefit Of Investment And Insurance:

You Can Benefit From Both Investment Growth And Insurance Coverage With SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder. Policyholders Can Benefit From Life Insurance’s Security While Simultaneously Utilizing The Possibility Of Gains Related To The Market Through Fund Investments.

Adaptable Options For Premium Payment:

Policyholders Possess The Liberty To Select From An Array Of Premium Payment Alternatives In Accordance With Their Financial Inclinations And Objectives. SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder Offers Options For One-Time Or Recurring Premium Payments Over A Predetermined Period Of Time, Meeting A Range Of Financial Requirements.

Investing Fund Selection:

Policyholders Of SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder Have Access To A Variety Of Investment Funds, Such As Debt, Balanced, And Equity Funds. This Allows Individuals To Adjust Their Investment Approach In Accordance With Their Financial Goals, Investment Horizon, And Risk Tolerance.

Facility For Partial Withdrawal:

Policyholders May Choose To Take Partial Withdrawals From Their Accrued Fund Value In Times Of Need Or Need For Cash Subject To A Number Of Restrictions. This Feature Gives Investors Flexibility And Liquidity So They Can Access Their Money As Needed.

STP, Or The Systematic Transfer Plan:

Policyholders Can Transfer Money Routinely Over A Certain Length Of Time From One Investment Fund To Another By Using The Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) Option Provided By SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder. With The Help Of This Tool, Investors May Efficiently Manage Investment Risk And Take Advantage Of Market Possibilities.

Tax Advantages:

Subject To Current Tax Legislation, Premiums Paid Towards SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder Are Eligible For Tax Benefits Under Sections 80C And 10(10D) Of The Income Tax Act, 1961. In Addition, The Policyholder And Nominee Are Not Subject To Taxes On Any Proceeds They Receive From The Policy, Including Maturity And Death Payments.

The Operation Of SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder:

Purchase Of Policy:

In Order To Use SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder, People Must Buy The Policy And Choose Their Preferred Method Of Premium Payment, Amount Guaranteed, And Investing Funds.

Allocate Premium:

After The Premium Is Paid, Some Of It Is Used To Provide Life Insurance, And The Remaining Sum Is Put In The Investment Funds That The Policyholder Has Selected.

Growth In Investments:

The Chosen Funds, Which Are Overseen By Qualified Fund Managers, Receive The Invested Premiums. The Policyholder’s Investment Grows Over Time Based On These Funds’ Success.

Managed Portfolios And Fund Switching:

Policyholders Possess The Adaptability To Alternate Among Diverse Investment Funds According To Market Circumstances, Investing Goals As Well As Risk Acceptance. As A Result, Investors Can Maximize Returns And Optimize Their Investment Portfolio.

Benefits Of Maturity And Death:

The Fund Value, Or The Total Value Of Investments At The Conclusion Of The Policy Term, Is Paid To The Policyholder Upon The Policy’s Maturity. The Nominee Will Get The Death Benefit In The Event That The Policyholder Passes Away Within The Policy’s Term, Whichever Is Greater—The Fund Value Or The Sum Assured.

SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder Advantages:

Wealth Building:

Through Market-Linked Returns, SBI Life Smart Money Builder Provides Policyholders With The Opportunity To Accumulate Money Over The Long Term And Fulfill Their Financial Ambitions.

Coverage For Insurance:

Apart From Generating Wealth, The Policy Offers Life Insurance, Guaranteeing The Policyholders’ Financial Stability Family Of The Policyholder In The Case Of Unanticipated Events.

Adaptability And Management:

Policyholders May Take Control Of Their Investment Strategy And Financial Planning With SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder’s Various Premium Payment Options, Selection Of Investment Funds, And Features Like Fund Switching And Partial Withdrawals.

Effectiveness Of Taxation:

According To The Current Tax Legislation, The Policy Gives Policyholders Tax Savings Chances On Premiums Paid And Proceeds Received.

Skilled Fund Administration:

Professional Fund Management Experience Is An Advantage Of SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder; Knowledgeable Fund Managers Monitor Investment Portfolios To Maximize Returns And Efficiently Manage Risk.

Conclusion, Use SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder To Safeguard Your Financial Future:

SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder Presents Itself As A Holistic Answer For Anyone Looking For In Order To Amass Riches And Safeguard Their Financial Future. SBI Life Smart Asset Builder Offers A Comprehensive Approach To Financial Planning And Asset Management With Its Dual Benefits Of Investment Growth And Insurance Coverage, Flexible Premium Payment Choices, Choice Of Investment Funds, And Tax Advantages.

Through The Utilisation Of Market-Linked Returns And Expert Fund Management, Policyholders May Confidently Negotiate The Intricacies Of The Financial Markets And Accomplish Their Financial Objectives Over The Long Haul. With SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder, You Can Unlock The Door To Financial Prosperity And Convert Goals Into Reality, Be They For Retirement, Education, Or Legacy Planning.

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