An Extensive Overview Of Investigating City College Of Commerce And Business Administration

An Overview Of The Business Management Program At City College Of Commerce:

City College Of Commerce And Business Administration Is A Reputable University Dedicated To Providing Excellent Training In The Fields Of Business Administration And Commerce. To Help Students Succeed In The Fast-Paced World Of Business And Commerce, The Institution Offers A Wide Range Of Programs, Resources, And Opportunities. It Accomplishes This By Dedicating Itself To Three Things: Industry Relevance, Holistic Growth, And Academic Achievement. In This Comprehensive Overview, We Will Delve Into The History, Courses, Faculty, Staff, And Student Life At City College Of Commerce And Business Administration, Providing Stakeholders And Prospective Students With Crucial Insights Into The Offerings And School Culture.

Context And History:

The present-day City College started as City School, founded on 6 January 1879, by the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj. It was raised at a college in 1881. B.A.Classes were introduced in 1884; a Law Department came up in 1885, and M.A. classes were introduced and conducted until the new regulations of Calcutta University terminated them.

City College Of Commerce And Business Administration

Initially, the college was housed in an old building, but afterwards it was shifted to another old house at 13, Mirzapur Street (now Surya Sen Street). A new building was erected in its place, opened by Lord Ripon, Governor-General of India, in 1884. In 1905, the college was brought under the control of a society called ‘The City College Institution’, now known as the ‘Brahmo Samaj Education Society’, whose chief objective was to promote the cause of education as an all-encompassing process to contribute towards the all-round development and well-being of the human community.[1]

The City College Commerce Department came up in 1939 (18.07.1939) in response to the large-scale demand among the youth of the time for quality university education in commerce. In 1940, a Commercial Bureau was set up, and in 1945, the Department of Commerce and Business Administration was formally organized. The college got affiliated with the University of Calcutta in 1961, and was also officially recognized by University Grants’ Commission in the same year under the U.G.C. Act [Section 2(f)].[1]

Relation with Brahmo Samaj

The first phase of the history of the Brahmo Samaj is inextricably associated with the name of Raja Rammohan Roy (1772–1833). The Brahmo Samaj, launched on 20 August 1828, gave a concrete expression to his concept of universal worship. Their liberal approach is reflected in the fact that they arranged to have the Upanishads read and explained before the entire body of worshippers, which, besides the non-Brahmins, sometimes included Christians and Muslims.

After the departure of Raja Rammohan Roy for England (November 1830) and his death there (September 1833), the Brahmo Samaj as an organization faced a severe crisis for survival. However, the selfless efforts of Dwarakanath Tagore and Pandit Ram Chandra Vidyavagis enabled the Samaj to tide over the crisis. After founding the Tattwabodhini Sabha in 1839, Debendranath Tagore joined the Samaj in 1842 and it became the common platform for the intellectual and cultural elite of the mid-19th century Bengal. The era of the Tattwabodhini Sabha (1839–1859) thus marks a creative phase in the history of the Brahmo Samaj.

The Brahmo Movement gained further momentum when the dynamic Keshab Chandra Sen (1838–84) joined the Samaj in 1857. However, serious differences regarding ideology and attitude cropped up between Debendranath and Keshab. It came to a head at the close of 1866 with the emergence of two bodies, the Calcutta, or Adi Brahmo Samaj, and the Brahmo Samaj of India. A number of radical and far-reaching social reforms like female education and the total eradication of class distinctions led to the formation of the Indian Reform Association in 1870 and the enactment of the Indian Marriage Act, initially drafted as the Brahmo Marriage Act, in 1872, which validated inter-caste marriage. Again, Keshab’s reverence for all faiths allowed him to achieve a rich synthesis of all religions, which he proclaimed under the title of ‘New Dispensation’ (Navavidhan) on 25 January 1880.

In spite of all such developments, a second schism took place in the Samaj in May 1878, when a band of Keshab Chandra Sen’s followers left him to start Sadharon Brahmo Samaj. Led by Shiv Chandra Deb, the body consisted of some brilliant names like Sivanath Sastri, Ananda Mohan Bose, Vijay Krishna Goswami and others. It has proved till now a powerful branch of the Bramho Samaj in India. Presently both the wings, viz., the Brahmo Samaj of India and the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj, contribute immensely to the well-being and needs of the entire Brahmo community in India.[2]

Faculties, departments & courses

City College of Commerce & Business Administration is affiliated with the University of Calcutta at the undergraduate level. A college dedicated exclusively to commerce-oriented studies, it neither has the scope nor the required space to include disciplines other than commerce. The major course offered to the students is Honours in Accountancy (encompassing a wide area of subjects as prescribed by Calcutta University). General papers are however, offered to those who choose not to pursue the Honours course with a view to going into other related areas of study in future. Apart from this, there are the departments of Economics, Mathematics and Law along with the usual language departments like Bengali, Hindi and English.[3


When City College Of Commerce And Business Administration Was Founded, Its Mission Was To Provide Postsecondary Education In Business And Commerce At A Cost That Was Affordable And Easily Accessible. Since Its Start In [Year], The Institution Has Grown Into An Esteemed Organization Known For Its Partnerships With Business, Academic Excellence, And Student-Centered Teaching Approach.

Goals And Guiding Principles:

City College Of Commerce And Business Administration’s Basic Values Include Hard Academic Work, Moral Leadership, And Social Responsibility. The College Seeks To Provide Students With The Knowledge, Skills, And Attitudes Needed To Prosper In A Competitive Global Economy And Make Important Contributions To Society.

Available Courses:

Undergraduate Courses:

The City College Of Commerce And Business Administration Offers A Vast Array Of Undergraduate Courses Designed To Get Students Ready For Careers In A Variety Of Economic Fields. The Bachelor Of Management Studies (BMS), Bachelor Of Commerce (B.Com), And Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA) Are Among These Programs. Each Curriculum Is Thoughtfully Created To Provide Students With A Strong Foundation In Business Principles, Keen Thinking Skills, And Practical Insights Into Contemporary Market Trends.

Postgraduate Study Programs:

In Addition To Undergraduate Programs, The College Offers Postgraduate Courses For Individuals Who Wish To Specialize In Specific Business Administration And Commerce Sectors And Broaden Their Knowledge In Those Areas. Master Of Financial Management (MFM), Master Of Commerce (M.Com), Master Of Business Administration (MBA), And Other Specialized Master’s Degrees Could Be Offered In These Initiatives. Postgraduate Students Benefit From Advanced Courses, Research Possibilities, And Mentorship From Skilled Academic Personnel.

Workers And Teachers:

Knowledgeable Teachers:

The Knowledgeable Experts Who Teach At City College Of Commerce And Business Administration Are Leaders In Their Fields. Faculty Members Offer A Variety Of Academic Knowledge, Industry Experience, And Research Abilities To The Classroom, Enriching Students’ Learning Experiences And Fostering Intellectual Growth.

Support Staff:

In Addition To The Instructors, The College’s Dedicated Staff Members Are Essential To The Students’ Overall Wellbeing And Academic Performance. The Goal Of The Personnel Of City College Of Commerce And Business Administration Is To Provide Students With The Resources, Including Career Counselors, Student Advisers, Administrative Staff, And Librarians Guidance And Support They Need To Be Successful.

Facilities And Resources:

Advanced Infrastructure:

The Goal Of City College Of Commerce And Business Administration’s Cutting-Edge Infrastructure And Facilities Is To Give Students Better Educational Possibilities. Large Lecture Halls, Well-Stocked Labs, A Sizable Library, Computer Labs, Seminar Rooms, Auditoriums, And Recreational Areas Could Be Among Them.

Educational And Reference Materials:

The College Library Is A Hub For Information And Education, With A Substantial Collection Of Books, Periodicals, Magazines, And Digital Resources Devoted To Business Administration, Commerce, And Allied Areas. Students Have Access To A Wide Range Of Academic Papers, Databases, E-Books, And Multimedia Tools To Help Them With Their Coursework And Research.

Student Life And Extracurricular Activities:

Student Clubs And Societies:

The Multitude Of Student Clubs And Societies At City College Of Commerce And Business Administration That Cater To A Wide Range Of Interests And Passions Enriches The Vibrant Campus Life. These Include, Among Others, Debate Groups, Sports Teams, Business Clubs, Cultural Associations, And Community Service Organizations. Students Can Participate In Extracurricular Competitions, Events, And Activities That Foster Personal Development, Leadership Skills, And Social Relationships.

Placement And Internship Opportunities:

The Institution Provides Internship And Placement Options To Assist Students Launch Their Careers, Build Industry Partnerships, And Gain Practical Experience. Thanks To Partnerships With Leading Companies, Associations, And Organizations In The Industry, Students Can Benefit From Internships, Summer Placements, And Campus Recruitment Efforts. These Chances Are Beneficial Students Adapt Into The Workforce With Ease.

Final Thoughts: Nurturing Future Leaders In Commerce And Business Administration:

The Goal Of City College Of Commerce And Business Administration, A Prestigious University, Is To Train The Next Generation Of Managers And Business And Commerce Leaders. Through Its Dedication To Academic Excellence, Industry Relevance, And Holistic Development, The School Provides A Transformative Educational Experience, Preparing Students For Success In A Constantly Expanding Global Economy. Whether Pursuing Undergraduate Or Graduate Degrees, Students At City College Of Commerce And Business Administration Benefit From Rigorous Academic Programs, State-Of-The-Art Facilities, Skilled Faculty, And A Vibrant Campus Life. Graduates Who Follow The College’s Values Of Integrity, Innovation, And Diversity Grow Into Confident, Morally Sound, And Socially Conscious Professionals Prepared To Contribute To Business And Other Domains.

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