How to Get Rapid Prototype Suppliers in China?

Whenever you want to develop a new product, then it is essential to first develop a prototype of that new product. A prototype can be a very close replica of the final product version. Ensure that you have created a prototype of your product before going for the design and subsequently its production.

A prototype creation can always be a difficult task but it will also experience a lot of fun. If you are interested to find any rapid prototype suppliers in China then you will find many such companies available that can make your prototype in record time. However, you must follow a few steps to find them.

Do you want to find a prototype supplier?

With so many rapid prototype suppliers available in China, it will not be a very difficult task to find any. However, you need to take a few important tasks to identify a reliable prototype supplier for your product.

  1. Keep your specification ready

Before designing your product, it is essential to design it by taking the help of CAD drawings and also PCBA schematics.

This is going to help you to decide your specification of the product, and based on that you can initiate discussion with the prototype designer. Any rapid prototype suppliers will study your drawing and specification and based on that can offer the price of the prototype.

  1. Do market research

The next thing is to do research online to create a few lists of companies in China that can undertake the task. Surely, you can find many companies in China that will be ready to do this job. However, before discussing with any company, you need to read reviews about the company.

  1. Shortlist a few companies

Having gone through the above process, now you have to shortlist a few companies whom you think are more capable to undertake your prototype-making.

Start discussing with them to know more details about the company.

  1. Check the facilities

The level of technology that your supplier has utilized for creating the prototype is going to have a lot of impact on how well your prototype will turn out. Check whether your supplier has used any cutting-edge hardware and software.

Quite possible that you may also have to invest from yourself a little time and money, which will be worthwhile for you in the longer run.

  1. Check the qualification/expertise of the staff

Because the quality of your prototype is directly correlated to the technology used by the prototype supplier, it is crucial to assess the technical proficiency of the expert team they use.

Along with a committed team providing customer assistance to address all of your inquiries, there should be a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers. Often language barriers can create a lot of difficulty in discussing with your Chinese prototype suppliers. You need to understand here that even a little amount of communication gap can result in a certain bigger issue.

  1. Check certification and quality

Before taking your final decision, you need to ensure that the manufacturer that you have chosen has all the required certifications, such as:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO/TS 16949

Also, make sure that the company follows all the necessary quality control measures.

Often a few of the so-called rapid prototyping companies may take advantage of their strong online presence and may add fake certifications to their website.


While designing any new product, it is essential to develop its prototype first. In China, you can find several rapid prototype suppliers who can develop a prototype very quickly.

However, before finalising your prototype supplier, you need to take all the steps that are mentioned in this post.

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