Exploring General Knowledge Questions About India: A Comprehensive Guide


India’s General Knowledge (GK) Encompasses A Wide Range Of Topics, Including Geography, Politics, History, And Culture. In This Comprehensive Book, We Will Cover A Wide Range Of General Knowledge (GK) Questions On India, Providing Answers, Insights, And Fascinating Facts To Help You Better Understand This Dynamic And Diverse Country.

Understanding General Knowledge (GK) About India

General Knowledge About India Includes Factual Understanding Of Its Geography, History, Culture, Economy, And Other Aspects. This Section Discusses The Value Of GK In Understanding India’s Rich Historical Background And Contemporary Affairs.

General Knowledge Questions On History:

To Begin With, Who Was The First Prime Minister Of India?

Jawaharlal Nehru Served As India’s First Prime Minister From 1947 To 1964. He Was Essential Participate In The Process That Created The Foundation For Both The Country’s Attempt At Independence And Democratic Governance.

What Event Led To The Partition Of India In 1947?

In The Wake Of Ethnic Violence And Demands For Separate Muslim And Hindu Republics, The British Arbitrarily Split India Into Pakistan And India, Two Independent Countries, Based Only On Religion. The Division Of India In 1947 Resulted From This Choice.

General Knowledge Questions About Geography:

Question 3: Which Peak Is The Highest In India?

The Highest Mountain Peak In India, Mount Kanchenjunga, Is Located In The Himalayas Close To The Nepali Border. Its Present Elevation Is 8,586 Meters (28,169 Feet).

The “Ganga Of The South” Refers To Which River?

The Godavari River Is Commonly Referred To As Known As The “Ganga Of The South” Due To Its Sacred Value And Religious And Cultural Significance, Which Is Comparable To That Of The Ganges River.

What Bird Is India’s National Bird? GK Questions On Culture:

1. The National Bird Of India Is The Indian Peafowl, Often Known As The Peacock. It Is A Symbol Of Grace, Beauty, And Cultural Significance In Indian Mythology And Culture.

What Is The Name Of The Traditional Dancing Style From Kerala?

The Origins Of Kathakali, A Traditional Dance Style Known For Its Elaborate Costumes, Expressive Expressions, And Storytelling, Can Be Traced To Kerala In Southern India.

Political General Knowledge Question No. 7: Who Is The President Of India Now Serving As President?

Ram Nath Kovind, Who Became India’s President On 25 July 2017. He Is Not Only The Head Of State But Also The Country’s Ambassador Overseas.

Which Political Party Currently Controls The Central Government Of India?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Is The Leader Of The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Which Has Controlled India’s National Government Since May 2014.

General Knowledge Questions About Economics:

What Is The Currency Of India?

The Currency Of The Nation Is The Indian Rupee (INR), Which Is Issued And Managed By The Reserve Bank Of India (RBI). It Is Divided Into 100 Paise, Or More Manageable Portions.

What Sector Of The Indian Economy Accounts For The Biggest Share Of GDP?

The Services Sector Is The Main Driver Of India’s Economy. The GDP, Which Constitutes A Substantial A Portion Of The Country’s Economic Output, With Industry And Agriculture Coming Next.


A Broad Range Of Topics, Such As Geography, History, Politics, Economy, And Culture, Are Included In General Knowledge Of India. By Providing Answers To GK Questions On India, People Can Get More Knowledge About The Country’s Diverse History, Contemporary Achievements, And Social Dynamics. Understanding India Offers Valuable Insights Into This Vibrant And Heterogeneous Nation, Encompassing Subjects Like Political Structures, Customs, Historical Landmarks, And Geographical Places.

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